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Hello and welcome to the corporate blog of Galt Networks Inc. In business since February 2003, Galt Networks is a Canadian corporation primarily involved in the areas of performance based internet advertising and rich media web applications. We also actively consult on Internet Strategy, Performance Marketing, and New Venture Creation.


Open and Democratized Search - December 3rd, 2009

Right now I would say that the biggest consumer vs. corporate battlefield on the interwebs is Net Neutrality. Essentially, the vast majority of consumers believe they should have universal access to all internet content at uniform speeds. ISPs believe they should be able to warp speeds to limit the users access to specific content and influence/control the manner in which users are able to interact with the net. Everyone not in the pocket of an ISP would agree that the net should be neutral and so I would expect that we will have a good approximation of net neutrality in the not to distant future (but never underestimate the power of well appointed lobbies and weakness of the CRTC and its American counterpart).

Unfortunately, I believe what the average person or even techy fails to realize is that there is a much more pressing issue caused by the virtual monopoly and certainly oligopoly that Google and its lesser competitors Bing and Yahoo have on search. Consider for a moment the power these organizations posses by being able to warp and manipulate the web content you access … how much of what you read and absorb from the net is directly related to what came up in the top 3 Google search results? The reality is that Google and other search engines have significant control over the content you consume, products you buy and knowledge you garner from the Internet. And, search is universal, so, having the power of control over these results is magnified across every internet user.

Having a small number of corporations (that are subject to zero oversight and who provide virtually no transparency to their operations) with effective control over the access to information on the internet is an unhealthy and unsafe situation. Add to that the fact that search is a monetized process where it is inherently beneficial to manipulate control over the system both overtly and covertly.

So, here is the ground breaking, world destroying, totally way better alternative - Open source, community driven, peer reviewed, fully transparent, DEmonetized search that is managed in an egalitarian manner by a community that has minimal barriers to entry (too bad that doesn’t roll of the tongue as easily as Google). Each aspect is important to providing a complete solution that can democratize search. But, ultimately it comes down to community driven and de-monetized factors. These are the concepts that brought us Wikipedia (arguably the single largest and most comprehensive source of human knowledge since the library of Alexandria) and they are the same concepts that should revolutionize search.

Dethroning Youtube - September 22nd, 2006

Besting the 800 lb gorilla of the new media space–Pipedream or something palpable with a little dose of the right strategy? We tend to side with the latter. Youtube, the current darling of the user-generated web, has grown so dramatically over the past year due in large part to:

  • - The obvious network effect of embedded viral videos scattered across the web (The Paypal mafia guys get viral!)
  • - Some $20mm+ injection in capital from Sequoia
  • - First to market with platform-agnostic real time conversion to flash from any imported video format
  • - A healthy hint of PR, controversy and the chitter chatter of the blogosphere
  • - Riding the coattails of the Myspace effect

As they say, first you get the money (Sequoia’s injection of oodles of capital to sustain the $1mm+/mo burn rate of bandwidth and servers), then you get the power (the eyeballs necessary to make you the fastest growing site on the net over the past year and the ability to launch the hopes and dreams of the next joe looking for their 15 minutes of fame online), and then you get the women (the list of media and web powerhouses willing to cough up the purported $1.5 billion to have a piece of you). Of course, it’s all nice and dandy, but Youtube really made it because their financiers afforded them the ability to offer their endusers a great, fast loading viewing experience as they scaled.

At this time, Youtube still hasnt made a deep connection with their core audience, the Myspace demographic, who compose 70-80% of their overall traffic base. And while besting a triumvirate of Stanford hacks who were nurtured by the Paypal mafia (Levchin, Thiel and Sacks) and have Mr. moneybags willing to let them dive into their coffers for a few million dineros at whim is no easy feat, we’ve got the grittiness, web savvy and hunger to fight with the lions and win. We saw something similar when the much more seasoned and web savvy team at Myspace (previously the guys who ran the barrel of fun that was Intermix Media) trounced Friendster a few years back in the social networking space even though Friendster was launched well over 12-18 months prior to Myspace. Youtube can be beat, as much as others may find this implausible — all it takes is finding a model which allows for the hockey stick growth to more closely inch towards a 90 degree (or one which outstrips Youtube’s current rate of traffic growth). In closing, if there’s anyone out there who’d love to take Youtube on, and win, you know how to get in touch with us.

Galt honoured as one of Canada’s emerging growth companies - September 18th, 2006

Galt Networks is proud to announce that it has been honoured as one of Canada’s emerging growth companies in the seventh annual PROFIT HOT 50 ranking released today by PROFIT Magazine. The PROFIT HOT 50 is the definitive ranking of Canada’s emerging growth companies. Published in the September issue of PROFIT and online at, the PROFIT HOT 50 ranks young firms by two-year revenue growth.

Galt placed 7th overall in this year’s rankings, due in large part to strong growth from its core traffic monetization and performance advertising related activities. Going forward, Galt expects the growth to continue as it readies the release of several innovative ad monetization platforms and socially collaborative ventures targeted at the local search, rich media and teen/tweener networking markets.

Out with the old - September 15th, 2006

Like many of our peers, we’ve broken tradition with the outdated method of corporate communication ala the cookie-cutter marketing heavy, gloss embossed template look for a much more subdued and honest approach. Fresh, clean, and oh so chic, we feel our new look allows us to more intimately communicate with our clients and customers while giving us a better platform with which to update you on the latest changes afoot at Galt. We do hope you enjoy the makeover.